Welcome to the SHI 2014 Tournament!

Welcome to the homepage of the 2014 SHI Tournament in Detroit. This year’s tournament is being hosted by the Ann Arbor Rockets, the Michigan FAR Flyers, and the MORC Stars in partnership with USA Hockey’s affiliate Michigan Amateur Hockey Association.








REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED FOR THE 2014 TOURNAMENT!!!   Thanks to 60 teams we will see in May!!!
We are ready to get going on Thursday, May 1 and look forward to meeting you all then!!!   The next couple of months will be busy as we will be working first on the all important game schedule.  You will be contacted regarding your preference of Thursday or Sunday, again teams will NOT play both of those days you will either have a Thursday to Saturday schedule or Friday to Sunday!!

We are pleased to announce that tournament apparel is available for pre-order now!!! B&R Sports the official outfitter for all your apparel needs has a full range of items, from t-shirts and hoodies to a more “dressy” look polo shirts, choose shorts, baseball or knit caps, and for the fans who like to keep warm how about a souvenier rink blanket!!!   You can do all of this online and then your order will be waiting at the B&R Sports retail location at Fraser HockeyLand beginning Wednesday, April 30th. Visit them at the following link:


This is a huge event and we need help!!! This is a great opportunity for individuals, families, school groups, teams or clubs to help to make this event the best it can be!  See the Volunteer page for additional information and to sign up!

Get ready for the FUN!!!  We have selected Joe Dumars’ Field House for the party on Saturday night. A full range of family fun things to do including dancing to a DJ, basketball, vollyball, simulated indoor golf range, obstacle course, rockwall and slide!!!  Something for everyone!!  Monies for family members attending will be due on April 15.  $10.00 per person, 4 years and under free of charge. Check out their website at:  www.joedumarsfieldhouse.com